UC Berkeley for parks worldwide in the next 100 years

The National Park idea, symbolized by the beauty of wilderness parks such as Yosemite, inspires conservation efforts around the world. That idea is ever more important, given the spiralling threats to biodiversity from increasing climate change and all its economic consequences. Thus Berkeley, as a long-established partner of the park service, is reaffirming the purpose of national parks and their relevancy today. At this point, 100 years after the birth of the National Park Idea, it's time to explore the hard questions and urgent challenges on which park-related science and scholarship are needed. Berkeley is poised to do that. Gifts to UC Berkeley can support world-class faculty and outstanding graduate students doing research in or related to our evolving parks.

Your support will:

  • Train path-breaking leaders who assure the future stewardship of parks, including the relevance of parks to all people
  • Build the future of conservation science for parks
  • Support the creation and management of parks worldwide

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